Big Law Expertise at Your Fingertips

At Dhillon Immigration Law, you will find the legal expertise and technology of a large, global law firm with the personalized attention of a specialized immigration law firm. Whether it is conducting in-depth Canadian trainings at large fortune 500 companies, presenting on panels before other Canadian immigration attorneys or filing over thousands of successful applications for clients across the world, Pavan Dhillon is well-equipped to provide you with the legal skills to successfully streamline the process.

As the Founder and Principal Attorney, Pavan is committed to her clients and treats each new client engagement as a partnership.  If you are a corporation trying to bring the best and brightest into Canada to expand your presence in the Canadian market or retain key personnel in North America, we can help you realize your goals in a streamlined and efficient manner. If you are an individual trying to create a better life or frustrated by the lengthy delays with your US green card process, discover the benefits of having a customized immigration strategy — we provide the information you need to go beyond the best options available.

Born in Canada to young Canadian immigrants, Pavan appreciates and understands first-hand the value that immigrants have to the Canadian economy and the power of their work ethic. She understands the importance of the immigration process and dedicated her professional career to facilitating the movement of individuals, families and companies to Canada through her in-depth knowledge of the immigration process.

Despite efforts of the Canadian government to streamline the immigration process, Canadian Immigration applications require more than just “filling out forms.” The forms are one important part of the process, but the key really is creating the best and appropriate immigration strategy for you, while relying on a solid understanding of the law, regulations and the interpretation of these laws by immigration officers at the airport and land border as well as visa officers at consulates.

It is important to understand the value that a licensed Canadian immigration lawyer can make to the overall success of your application. Through legal research and experience arguing successfully before the Immigration Appeal Division and submitting appeals to the Federal Court of Canada, we understand the pitfalls that exist in the Canadian immigration process. At Dhillon Immigration Law, we provide legal advice to help our clients navigate these potential pitfalls from the beginning — We understand the importance of getting it right the first time. We guide our clients so they can avoid grave errors that can have long-term negative consequences to your immigration goals. Based on substantive legal advice and procedural expertise, we understand the nuances of the dynamic area of Canadian immigration law.

In the past few years, experiencing the “Canadian Dream” has become more of a reality for hundreds of people around the world. Building a better life in a new country begins with a successful immigration application. We rely on the tools, technology and expertise to ensure that you submit a thorough application in an efficient and streamlined manner and therefore, enjoy a tremendous success rate.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Dhillon Immigration Law ensures that you, the client, are our main focus. The current global marketplace demands technology that can keep up with the current pace of a thriving global economy. Dhillon Immigration Law is committed to sourcing the best that legal technology can offer. We understand that you are entrusting our law firm with your private, sensitive and personal data and we take this responsibility very seriously. We ensure that your data is protected through our customized client portal. We offer a full-service Canadian immigration platform that is accessible by both individual clients and multinational corporations around the world.

Dhillon Immigration Law ensures reliable and efficient legal advice through our streamlined approach to legal services delivery and we have the ability to provide real-time access to your immigration file. Our philosophy is to offer the same technology relied upon by large law firms with the high-touch attention you’d expect from a smaller immigration boutique firm.

We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible client experience. We are responsive, hard working and dedicated to you and your Canadian immigration goals. Our clients consistently appreciate that we put ourselves in their shoes and seek to always be proactive and responsive.

Refused Case? We can help!

When your application is refused, it can be devastating. Often you have spent several hours compiling the information required and several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, with your representative. At Dhillon Immigration Law, we understand the importance of your Canadian Immigration application to your future. With a refusal, it is critical to consult an experienced immigration attorney. We will provide our honest assessment of the chances of success, the appropriate next steps and strategy to overcome the issues raised in the first refusal. We always start with the refusal letter and the entire file that was submitted in the first instance.

Pavan has significant experience successfully overturning decisions of a Visa Officer at a Canadian Consulate or Immigration Officers at the port of entry including airports and land borders. If you submitted your case on your own or with assistance of an immigration consultant or immigration lawyer, our office will need to review the full original application submitted as well as the decision letter. We will take the time to understand why the application was refused before moving forward with resubmission. Based on our careful analysis and review, we will work closely with you (and, if applicable, your immigration consultant) to create a strategy to overcome the issues and present a stronger case at the appeal or upon resubmission. It is critical that any new application or the appeal address the concerns of the Visa Officer or decision maker.

Pavan Dhillon has successfully argued several appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ultimately, the IAD accepted our arguments that the Visa Officer incorrectly refused a spousal sponsorship application, an adoption sponsorship application or an application to maintain permanent residence in Canada.

By allowing us to represent you in an immigration application or appeal, we offer years of experience overcoming what we believe were either bad decisions or poorly prepared applications by another authorized or unauthorized immigration practitioner.

Our knowledge of Canadian immigration regulations and case law will greatly increase your chances of success in re-submission of an application or before a tribunal in Canada.